Awkward Relationship Phases & Milestones You Have To Go Through As A Couple

Getting into a new relationship after spending so long “just dating” can be thrilling, joyful, and yes, awkward. You’re experiencing a stage in your romantic adventure that finds you and your partner comfortable enough to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend, but also still figuring each other out and working your way through the various “firsts” that you’re bound to go through at some point. While there’s no doubt that it’s all pretty exciting, these “new relationship” moments can also be pretty uncomfortable:


Once you tell someone you love them, things get so much easier. You just say “I love you,” and voila! You’ve successfully expressed how you feel about them with real live words! But before that happens, it can be a little strange figuring out how to verbally communicate how awesome you think your new partner is. “I really really REALLY like you” seems a bit forced, but also accurate, just like “You’re the greatest human I’ve slept with in a few years.” Using phrases like “You’re great/awesome/just dandy” might work for a while, but until you finally whip out that L-word, it might be a little strange telling each other how you feel without over- or under-doing it.

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