Awkward Relationship Phases & Milestones You Have To Go Through As A Couple


Once you’ve made things official, all the odd little things you’d been scared of revealing in the pre-relationship stages start coming out of the woodwork. You reveal that you once held a summer job at the fair shoveling camel poop, he reveals that — what a coincidence — so did his stepdad, who is a huge racist by the way. More and more of these little tidbits will eventually make their way out of your mouths, but those first few facts that make you see the other person in a slightly different light are the ones you never quite forget.


Lots of people have adult sleepovers before getting into serious relationships these days, but once you’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend, they take on a different tone. It’s a little cuter, and it almost feels like you’re playing house, but it also carries that rush of fear and excitement that comes with wondering if you’ll be sleeping next to this person for the rest of your life. What used to be a fun nighttime treat is suddenly kind of a big deal.

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