Driving an electric car inspired me to install solar panels in my home — and it’s saving me money

The purchase of an electric car that plugs into the power grid to recharge its battery often gets drivers thinking about the source of their energy.

We haven’t seen data from recent years looking at the overlap between electric-car drivers and home solar panels.

But early analyses in California indicated as many as four in 10 electric-car drivers were already using or considering the addition of home solar panels to generate electricity.

California has been at the forefront of emission reduction and renewable energy for decades, so those 2012 results may not reflect the national average.

Still, Green Car Reports reader and frequent commenter Shiva Singh, of Fremont, California, is one of the electric-car owners who have recently added solar panels.

What follows are his words about that process, lightly edited by Green Car Reports for clarity and style.

photovoltaic solar panel installation on house fremont california image shiva singh_100615728_l

Looking back over the last two years, it’s amazing to see the changes and progress our family has made in lowering our environmental impact.

After purchasing our first electric car in June 2015, a used 2012 Nissan Leaf, we are now on our fifth electric car. We are looking to add our sixth, possibly even our seventh, by the end of next year.

You might logically ask whether we would add solar panels to our house to offset our increased electrical consumption. The answer is a little complicated.

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