If You’re Staying In A Relationship For Any Of These Reasons, You’re Making A Big Mistake

We’re all guilty of staying in relationships long past their expiration dates, but it’s definitely something you want to make a habit. Whether you’re just not feeling it or you’re seriously unhappy with your partner, the excuses you’re using to avoid leaving aren’t doing you any favors.


Being with someone for a long time can provide a certain level of solace. You may not be happy, but you’re free to be yourself with a no holds bar attitude, and the thought of getting to know someone new can be daunting.


The relationship grants a sense of certainty in your life. You have someone to come home to at night, someone to have  with (no matter how mediocre/predictable it’s become), and someone to be your plus-one to every event, and sometimes that feels like enough.

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