What It’s Like To Be Bad At Relationships But Good At Everything Else

I’ll admit it — I suck at relationships. While it would be easier to blame the men I’ve dated, I know that’d just be me passing the buck and I won’t do that. I’ll own up to the fact that I’ve ruined pretty much every relationship I’ve had, but despite how bad I am at love, I pretty much excel in every other area of my life. It’s a frustrating paradox, to say the least.


Honestly, if I didn’t totally suck at relationships, based on the dating BS of today (like ghosting and benching and the like), I’d still be somewhat apprehensive about dating, but knowing that any relationship I have is pretty much doomed, I’m even more so suspicious. Sure, I’ll join a dating app or two, but mostly just to see how many matches I’ll get, not because I actually believe love is in the cards for me.

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