What It’s Like To Be Bad At Relationships But Good At Everything Else


I have, to everyone’s surprise, achieved the career and life I always wanted. I’m not bragging; it’s just a fact. I wanted to be a writer who could work from anywhere in the world and I’m doing exactly that. Because I know that I can’t hold it together with relationships, I always bring my A-game to my work and lifestyle. In other words, I rarely go without the things I want.


I don’t like to judge the people around me and for the most part, I don’t. Still, every once in a while, when I find myself in a conversation with a friend who’s going over and over about her relationship and dating problems, I have to roll my eyes. Realizing that I’m horrible at relationships and being forced to put my efforts elsewhere has given me this obnoxious superiority complex when it comes to those around me who put relationships first. Like, seriously… WHY?!

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